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A little while ago we created Sally because the proposal tools we found online did not have some features we really needed. Since it’s here now anyway, why not share it with the world! Use the coupon code “producthunt” to get Sally 6 months for free!
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Looks great, I'm testing it and am having some usability issues, can't reach save buttons, or save buttons are always disabled, PDF returning a 500 error. I would love to share more feedback with you @wesleybotman !
@lorismaz Thank you for this feedback! We will fix the PDF feature asap. I'm sending you a PM about the save button issue, since I can't find it.
@wesleybotman @lorismaz Thank you for telling us about this issue, this is now fixed!
@wesleybotman Looks cool! Want to give the Pro plan a try since I just started a consultancy and so far we've been designing proposals in Figma. This might be a more scalable solution. However, when I try to get on the plan, there is no window/box to enter the "produchunt" code.
@wesleybotman Update: I registered for the basic plan and then found the discount window in billing. I'd suggest to put the discount box at landing page -> checkout to reduce friction.
@tim_nugmanov Thanks for the feedback! We are working on some improvements, this is one of them. Let me know if we can do anything else for you :)
@wesleybotman Can you message me? I am having trouble using the app. I'm at tim[dot]n[at]nyu[dot]edu
Would be really cool if it weren't buggy. Some other thing need a lot of work too. This product isn't ready. I'd be happy to use it in the future if the issues are fixed.
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