Two-way business texting for teams

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Aloha Product Hunters! I'm Chris the co-founder and CEO of Salesmsg. We're really excited to announce our new two-way text message software for teams, Salesmsg. Here's why we built it in the first place... After 5 years of running Call Loop (our sms marketing company) and talking with thousands of customers, we kept hearing the same complaint over and over again... "I'm calling people, but no one's picking up. I'm leaving voicemails, but no one's returning my calls. I send emails and get little response, but like magic - when I send a text message, I book appointments, schedule demo's, and close sales!" But here's the BIG problem… People today want to text businesses, but businesses aren't setup to text their customers. And those that are, they're texting with their thumbs from their personal cell phones. Salesmsg gives businesses and their team members a simple way to send & receive texts and phone calls right from your own computer or phone. Texting is just a great way to cut through the clutter and get responses instantly. You can sign up and start texting in s few minutes: We'd love to hear your feedback and comments!
Congrats on the launch, Chris. Best of luck! I'm rooting for you guys.
Congrats Chris, this looks great! Thinking of 100 different ways to use this, gonna get it now!