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Put Lead Gen on Autopilot

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Hey Product Hunt Family! Here's a $100 discount on the course so it's only $49:
Hey Ryan, great stuff. Question for you: can you describe the thesis of your course in one sentence?
@conradwa Thanks Conrad. First off, I'd love to give anyone from the Product Hunt Family a $100 discount on the course so it's only $49: Regarding your question about the course: The concept behind the course is that while sales is an art, and a core competence of any business, the operational side (emailing, followups, research leads) can be automated. I provide the tools to do that.
Ryan amazes me with how he figures out systems and processes to scale / growth hack anything!
@djdan85 Thanks Dan!
Changed my mind after seeing the $100 discount
@tysonquick Hey Tyson, I assume you mean the value perception of my course went down after you saw the discount. I'm sorry to hear that, but if it makes any difference I don't value myself in the same way that I've priced the course. Putting this together was actually lot of fun, and I'm happy to share it for almost nothing. From today's posting I've already received dozens of warm emails with thoughtful questions and kind words, so if I had the chance to do it any differently (price-wise), I wouldn't. If you want to stick around for the price to go back up, however, I'm certainly happy to ping you at that time. ;)
@tysonquick I changed my mind to, to actually try the product. I thought it was a great Idea to actually let us try it so we could evaluate it. Let you know after I finish the course
@tracyingram @tysonquick Thanks Tracy, standing by for your feedback and happy to roll up my sleeves and help anytime.
@ryanckulp @tysonquick Actually no, it's the opposite. I had posted a "disappointed post" and then changed it after seeing the discount applied.
@tysonquick @ryanckulp @tysonquick Ahh right on, will leave the comments anyway for other potential non-believers. :)