An app that helps young Muslims develop good habits.

The app displays prayer timings, sends notifications to pray and on completion (swiping) presents them in 'My Journey'.
Users can take daily challenges and quizzes to help improve habits and nurture knowledge (coming next).
Misbah Ashraf
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    Add settings menu

    Wonderful app by a hard-working team

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While I like the idea behind this, it is ridiculous to ask for phone number to create an account. What it has to do with prayer timings? Honestly I was expecting something better.
@attacomsian Hey Atta, there is a reason for that. When the quiz and habit features are on, users will be able to see other friends who have downloaded the app and play competitions (shhhhh). In order for us to do that we ask for the mobile nr. thank you for liking the idea.
@attacomsian @umar_akram It should probably be an optional feature if a user is invested in the app and wants to see if their friends are on it. Not something needed up front, especially in the current privacy climate.
@attacomsian @romankrem cool we shall make it optional asap.
@attacomsian @romankrem new build live at play store (phone nr is optional)
Our vision is to help young people develop good habits. Note: Currently user is able to see the prayer timings, get notifications and swipe the salah cards when completed. Users can also share the journey with friends and family.
You guys are doing awesome work, keep it up!
@misbahspeaks thank you sir