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Sage is a social predictions app that lets users create, share and interact with friends while making predictions about the future. Users can decide if your prediction sounds like it will come true or not, so you can really pull a good “I told you so!” card. You can also earn badges for things, like being correct in your guesses.
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Hi Everyone! I'm Drew, the Co-Founder of Sage and the Director of AOL Alpha. Thanks so much for all of the votes. We are very excited for everyone to start using the app and the website at One of the features we are most excited about is the ability to embed predictions, similar to how you do with Twitter and Facebook. We think it will be a great tool for publishers to post pedictions around anything from sports events to upcoming awards shows. (here is an example: Looking forward to any feedback you may have. Feel free to reply or reach out directly with any questions or thoughts. Thanks!
Love the UI style. It's addicting to make predictions....this is wasting a lot of my day already :)
The reaction gifs and the badge names are the best part, but I may be slightly biased ;)