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Safesocial's free Chrome browser extension uses A.I. and M.L. to flag questionable posts as you type.
We help create a less toxic environment in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.) Premium add-on coming soon.
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I like the concept but honestly unsure who would install this. Users of SafeSocial would need to be (1) self-aware of their negative tendencies and (2) motivated to change how they speak online. Of course I could be way off. Curious what you've learned, @t_j_tavares and @websolve!
@websolve @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Our hypothesis is that EVERYONE is susceptible to hit send/tweet/share on something that, in retrospect, might not have been the best choice :) One anecdotal example is the 24 hour rule in youth sports (link) https://health.clevelandclinic.o.... 24 hours is an eternity on social media, so real-time, responsive feedback is critical for the motivation you mention. It's why @grammarly is able to help people write better. We'll keep you posted on the learnings!

It'd be awesome if you used the same algorythm to track and hide Tweets or posts that have foul language from your timeline or just so you can't see them.


Sometimes you can get emotional and use the wrong language:) So defo worth to install


None for now

The SafeSocial team has spent the last 18 months on the AI and ML algorithms. It's time to let this baby breath some fresh air! We welcome your unvarnished feedback. We are open to suggestions on our proposed Freemium business model.
Hi @t_j_tavares! Good job on the launching. 😉 It looks to be a very useful tool. I'm just wondering that probably the people who most will gonna use it are those who actually care about not been toxic and, therefore, probably are not toxic online! I'm afraid that the really toxic people do not actually care about been toxic! Any research on this matter?