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"Unblock sites and browse anonymously for free" Actually it's: - $7.50/mo for 1 month - $5.82/mo for 6 months - $4.99/mo for 12 months
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@ralphmartynward - with our chrome extension you get 500MB of data for free, every month. (Also, you can take advantage of the PH special offer with an extra free 500MB.)
@sagigidali 1G is good too! Not complaining. VPN is one of things many occasionally need.
@sagigidali @ralphmartynward PH special doesn't work
@eli_weiss please try again. Should work now. We'd be happy to assist also on
In case anyone wants more information on SaferVPNs jurisdiction, logging and business practices: Just search for SaferVPN. TLDR; If you truly care about your anonymity while using a VPN, I would not recommend using SaferVPN. If you just want to view tv in other countries....go for it.
Hi Product Hunters! Amit and I founded SaferVPN because we believe that everyone should have unlimited, unrestricted access to the Internet. We recently launched our Free Chrome extension, which includes 500 MB of data every month. Exclusively for Product Hunters, we’re offering 1 GB of FREE data to start! Over 60 countries have some extent of Internet censorship and even if you do have open access to the Internet, many connections are not secure - you could be subject to privacy breaches from snoopers and hackers. We believe that our product should be accessible to all - so we’ve worked hard to ensure that the service is fast, and super easy to use. SaferVPN allows you to virtually reside anywhere in the world with a single click connection. Hope you enjoy the extension! We’d be happy to answer any questions you all have!
@sagigidali Is it just me, or are the installer links on the site nonfunctional?
@t55 Sorry for that, should work now :)
@sagigidali It does! Thanks!
Nice, seems to work pretty well! Cool.
@marcelpanse thanks :) happy to hear that
Wow. Nice design, and over 500k users? Impressive. @SaferVPN @sagigidali
@elizabethhunker thank you for the warm feedback!