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#4 Product of the DayDecember 21, 2017

Safeborhood is a product that lets you explore the map and learn more about the crime situation in a neighborhood.

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Hello Hunters, Safeborhood was built to help people learn more about the area they are going to rent a place in. Check it and give us your thoughts.

Are you adjusting for number of crimes committed against population density in cities - not sure how you calculate your score now but it seems like areas with no people = safe vs. areas where lots of people live = dangerous


Nice Interface


Basically the whole of NY is danger level of 9+ - you're almost saying there's nowhere safe to live in big cities.

@finn_murphy " seems like areas with no people = safe vs. areas where lots of people live = dangerous" you're right :) Safeborhood danger level algorithm takes into account not only quantitative but also qualitative metrics. For e.g. shooting, robbery or sex offense crimes have a higher rank than pickpocketing or car theft. So, yes, big cities are dangerous.
Hi Oleg, How do you get this data? I searched for my old place in Washington Heights in NYC and apparently is 9.3 in danger level when that's nowhere near of reality. For me this map is just showing where minorities/latinos live and labeling them as dangerous.
@mcruz092 Hi Marcos, Here is the source:
Nice service. Do you have plans for other countries?
@antonskyba The UK will be added in next few months.
@antonskyba @oleg_avrah Thanks, I will be very interested to see a UK version of this.
@antonskyba @oleg_avrah @theashtube I second that, interested to see more about London.
Nice! How often do you sync with new data and there you getting it from?
@comonitos we update data on a daily basis and use official sources like this one: