Safari Beauty Toolbar

Make Safari toolbar more consistent with your brand colors

Tiny zero-dep JavaScript module that allows you to set a color of the browser's Toolbar from your website.

Module works only on Safari browser on macOS and iOS because they have a little transparency on the Toolbar. So we can add the colorful layer and place it under the Toolbar. That's it. This tool just simplifies the trick.

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I'm using it everywhere from now on!
@rdev Appreciated this, thanks.
Guys you on 3018 already;)
Heh, cool hack. It doesn't work if you have translucency disabled in "Accessibility" inside system prefs, but nice anyway #Javascript #Safari #Webkit
It's all about the little things, right @peter_savchenko?
@jacqvon Exactly. An additional personalization for the webpages such as media or social communities, where user spends time mostly being scrolled down.
I love such little details. I am gonna use it on all of my sites! Thank you! Could you explain me how to implement this? I put script with js file in header and I am stuck. Where should I write code which adds color and animation? I mean this: toolbarColor.animate({ colors: ["#ff0a8a", "blue", "#61ffa7", "yellow"], speed: 600 }); I always stuck on this when I enter Github projects ;>
Thanks, Ariel. You can write an initialisation code anywhere below the connected script, but inside the «body» tag. For example, by inline «script» section or at your app's script. Firstly, you need to make a module's exemplar: var toolbarColor = new SBToolbar({ color: "red" }); after that, you can call any public method, such as «.animate()» on the instance («toolbarColor»)
@peter_savchenko Thanks for reply. I did everything and still it doesn't work for me :( Can you check my site please? ->
@peter_savchenko @ariel_jedrzejczak Hi, Ariel. I checked your website and noticed the following issues - your sample that initializes the library can't append necessary elements on document.body because it is not rendered yet. You can fix it with the one of this ways: - add "script" tag that creates toolbar with color at the end (after body tag) - add window.onload = function() { var toolbar = new SBToolbar({ color: "red" }) } I tried this suggestions and it works! Hope it will work for you too :)
@ariel_jedrzejczak @murod_haydarov thanks for the correction. I've updated the comment above.
@peter_savchenko @murod_haydarov Yes! That was a problem. Very appreciated guys! ✌️