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Apple built Safari to be the best browser for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Safari for Mac is faster and more energy efficient than other browsers. And thanks to iCloud, Safari works seamlessly with all your devices.
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Safari is significantly behind google & other platforms on PWA, can we plan to see this change anytime soon?
@russellreeder seriously, it would be awesome if they would implement accepted standards such as web push notifications. Too bad they are anti-competitive and refuse to do so...
@russellreeder - I don't suppose they have much incentive to move the Web forward -- wouldn't want web applications to be _too_ native-like, eh?
@russellreeder PWAs don't allow me to select text or open links in new tabs. I'll actively oppose PWAs until the people who push this concept fix these major issues.
@russellreeder I'd say stop worrying about PWA... consumers don't know anything about it and won't bother setting them up. Just look into React Native or Swift UI, ship a real app and be done with it
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What's new in Safari 13.0: The Safari 13 update contains feature improvements as well as privacy, security and compatibility enhancements and is recommended for all users. This update: • Includes an updated start page with Favorites, frequently visited, and most recently visited websites • Provides a warning if a weak password is typed when signing in to a website and helps to upgrade it to a strong password • Adds the ability to enable Picture in Picture from the audio button in a tab • Enables jumping directly to an already-open tab from the search completion list when the website address is typed into the Smart Search field • Adds support for authentication using USB security keys on supported websites For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit:
Just a heads up: Some browser extensions will not work in this and future releases, due apple's extension policy changes. This includes some of the ad-blockers and website altering extensions which you could previously download from their website in the past. They're moving their extensions into the App Store.
@curiousigor time to move to Firefox or Brave once and for all, I guess 😛 Only reason I use Safari at all is because of the great, intuitive open-tab sync between Mac and iPad. I'd miss that a lot 😢
@curiousigor uBlock Origin is no longer supported...
@curiousigor It's about time extensions have to pass the same rigor as apps
Looks like Safari
Installed Safari 13 with iOS 13. Trying to record just audio using the HTML Media Capture standard crashes the browser:
@naicuoctavian iOS 13 is beta, so bugs are to be expected.
@naicuoctavian iOS 13 was released yesterday, but yes, it's still buggy. I'd test it again in 13.1 on the 24th.
@naicuoctavian did they add support for the timeslice parameter?
@zach_moreno I've been following the Safari Technology Preview releases and I've seen no updates to the media Stream Recorder API since January Anyway, I've opened a bug report about the HTML Media Capture issue above @
@naicuoctavian awesome & I've opened another on the missing timeslice parameter @