A device to help you focus and be less distracted

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The most expensive one-key keyboard on the market.
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@benjaminnetter Haha! That's one way to look at it. ;) The reason for the hardware aspect is that research has shown that behavior modification is more effective when you have a physical connection to what you're trying to accomplish (in this case: instilling better work habits). Sort of like why having a Fitbit still makes sense even though your phone can probably accomplish most of the activity tracking that it does. You can use the Saent software on its own -- and we hope people who want to do it that way will! -- but we think you'll have more success if you use the button alongside the app. Plus, if you work in an office or busy coworking space, the Saent device acts as a visual "Do Not Disturb" sign, which our user research has told us is a very attractive concept for people!
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@catone @benjaminnetter I really like the concept behind it, however, as mentioned it is a little pricy... I would personally pay a maximum of $50....
@diligentdil Hey Dilyar, Thanks for the kind words! Our Indiegogo campaign has some lower priced options for a single device, though you won't get lifetime premium software. for the full list.
@benjaminnetter Ditto. $99 is too much. If this 1 button keyboard did something more with visual cues to represent focus and/or get you to focus then maybe I could see the value in $99.
Obviously, I'm in need of this product, since I'm here writing comments on Product Hunt instead of working. Kidding. Not kidding.
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@leasemolina Haha! You can definitely mark Product Hunt as "unproductive" in Saent to keep yourself from succumbing to the temptation. But the beauty of working in sprints: you can spend your break time however you want; like by commenting on PH. :D
@catone I think this product is superb!! It has many applications!! I think it can be applied in various ways to different demographics such as but not limited to: children, children with ADHD, afults with ADHD, adults with disabilities who need assistive technology in the workplace, ect.
@leasemolina My father (a school psychologist and adult with ADHD himself) believes the same thing! Definitely is something we'll look into closely as we expand beyond our current "work" use case. Thanks for the feedback!
How easy is it to disable the Saent software once you start a focused session? Ideally I would actually want it to be > 1 click, because I am weak.
@samuelcouch Right now, the Saent app has two main "modes" -- Police and Training. In Training mode, the software will ask you (with a polite nag screen) not to break your focus session by switching to any app listed as distracting. In Police mode, you'll simply be blocked from opening restricted apps until your focus session is concluded.
@catone @samuelcouch Stayfocusd ( ) has a pretty cool setting called "Nuclear Mode," where you have to type an exact paragraph in order to disable it.
The irony of finding this product because I was distracted by PH. :)
Hi Product Hunt, Saent (pronounced “saint”) is a connected productivity device and companion software application. We're building Saent because we believe that our always connected digital world has stretched our attention spans to the breaking point, and that means it’s harder than ever to focus and get work done. Saent helps you focus by blocking distractions, tracking focused work time and enabling you to work in sprints (like the Pomodoro technique). In addition, you get points for completed work sessions so you can compete with friends and colleagues. Our hardware is feature complete and ready for manufacturing, and we expect to go into production with our partners later this fall. We'd love to hear more about how you work and what your major pain points with productivity are, as well as answer any questions that you have about Saent!