Free bank account and credit card for internationals

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2020
Mobile bank for internationals in the US
- Account and virtual card online in 5 min
- No Social Security Number or credit history needed
- No fees or minimum balance
- Build your credit history from Day 1
- Rewards and free international transfers coming soon
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33 Reviews5.0/5
I’m a Canadian in the US and I’ve been using Sable for months. Super easy to register and use. Definitely recommend!
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@robin_l Thanks for your support Robin 😍
Hi Product Hunters, We are excited to launch Sable, the first mobile bank built for internationals in the U.S. We are offering a free checking account (with a debit card) and a credit card with lots of great features in the app, and have a lot more products to come! We are a team of international co-founders that moved to the U.S. and realized that it was impossible to get a good credit card or open a bank account online without an SSN and U.S. credit history regardless of our credit history at home. We launched Sable, to ease the transition for internationals moving to the U.S. by giving them access to credit and enabling them to build U.S. credit history from day one. We are excited to give you a seamless experience with no fees and great rewards, while we continue on our mission to build a truly borderless bank, offering products and services to all internationals moving from any one country to another. ______________ Live features Sable Bank account and debit card 🏦 U.S. Bank account & debit card available online 🆓 No account fees, No minimums, FREE wire transfers 🛂 No SSN or U.S. credit history needed Sable secured credit card 🏗 Secured credit card to build your credit score 🤑 No monthly fees 🛂 No SSN or U.S. credit history needed 📱 Available in Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay _____________________________ New features coming soon 📲 Android support (Promo code PH2020 to get early access in February) 💸 Rewards & cashback 💰 Unsecured credit cards 🌐 Free international transfers
@andrej_paule Any special promo codes to enter (for waitlist) for Product Hunt-ers?
@andrej_paule @alphahunter Hi Mahesh 👋 you can sign up from the app store without first having to join the waitlist app store link: Let us know if any questions!
@andrej_paule @naveen_qureshi Thank you, but I'm an Android user. :(
@andrej_paule @naveen_qureshi Which I why I was expecting a special promo code for Product Hunt-ers!
@naveen_qureshi @alphahunter Totally makes sense, thanks! If you sign-up to our waitlist using PH2020, we will get you early access to our Android version!
I wish I had this when I moved to the US the first time. Took me a long time to get credit and literally couldn't get a bank account before I got a social security despite having a long bank/credit history in my home country
@gustaf my experience exactly
This is great! Such a unique and important product for immigrants to begin realizing their new American dream ✌️
@howard_li Thanks a lot Howard! We all believe in the building that dream!!! 🔥
can you sign up from outside the USA as a non USA resident?
@ourielohayon Thanks for your question! Currently you have a US Address in order to open an account (#regulation) 😢 A lot of people have been asking for this from outside the country and we are planning to open up Sable globally in the future 🌐