SaaSy Slack Community by Intello πŸ’₯

Slack community for SaaS users, buyers, and enthusiasts πŸš€

You're invited to join our new Slack community called SaaSy. It's a group of like-minded SaaS buyers, users & enthusiasts to share unbiased info about SaaS products. There are channels for #pricing, #security, #GDPR, #integrations, #recommendations & more.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

The community has been a constant source of advice, people to bounce ideas off and SaaS recommendations. Highly recommended if you're a SaaS builder, lover or advocate!


Amazing community of like-minded SaaS founders/execs/makes/lovers to spitball, share ideas and seek advice


Community is still growing - looking forward to having even more members

Great community with valuable advice and discussions. Fills a gap for knowledge that is hard to get anywhere else. Highly recommended.