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#4 Product of the DayMay 19, 2020
Every two weeks, we publish an insanely actionable SaaS marketing case study πŸš€
To date we have covered: Zapier, SEMRush, ConvertKit, MeetEdgar and VEED πŸ€“
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Hey team, Great to finally be here... my name is Tom Hunt and I'm a SaaS Marketer. Every two weeks I publish a case study sharing how a SaaS business has grown. Each one takes hours of gruelling research but the feedback so far has been awesome so that makes it all worthwhile :) I welcome all questions/comments and would like to thank every one of our awesome early subscribers! Thanks Tom P.S. Who should we cover next? ;)
@tomhuntio congrats on the launch Tom! Big fan of your work here. I'd like to see Trello, Webflow and Airtable next.
@tomaslau Got, thanks man... will review those :)
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These case studies are so well put together and provide really actionable insights. Strongly recommend checking it out!
@_mattstuddert Thanks Matt!
I usually share these case studies with future clients, especially the case study about SEMRush, to look smarter and frame the discussion about working together. Thanks for producing these great works.
@tomobloq Amazing, great to hear that you can use these in your sales process :)
Sounds interesting.
@jaakko_timonen1 Thanks Jaakko, are you in SaaS?
Definitely some of the best case studies I've ever seen! Keep em coming, Tom!
@andrei_baloleanu1 Thanks so much my man!