Design inspiration for SaaS specific web products

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We're redesigning our homepage at and I wanted to look up some design inspiration specifically geared towards SaaS products. Ran into this gem!
@_shahedk awesome product ! great job !!
I'm putting this in my "save for later", definitely going to need this soon. Thanks for sharing.
Is this only for home pages? No, offense, but who cares about just the home page? Show me the software... I could care less about a bunch of pages with a hero panel and large call to action button. Everyone has those. (My company included) I don't suppose this is a discredit to your site concept, and for those looking for landing page inspiration it'll be a good resource, but as someone who works on the design of a SaaS product, I wish more time was taken to showcase the guts that people use as opposed to the hook that leads to them becoming users. Just my 2 cents.
@tomjohndesign I agree. I expected this to be a gallery of SaaS software UI and interaction patterns. That would be supremely helpful for those of us designing SaaS products on a daily basis.
@tomjohndesign Adding additional UI screenshots is a great suggestion. If we were to add screenshots of the UI, are there any particular aspects you would want to see? I'm thinking Signup page, Dashboard, User Profile page..., what else??
@bobkruse23 A few things come to mind: Onboarding -- There's some resources for this in the mobile space, but I'm not familiar with web/desktop app ones. Configuration, Settings -- Not sexy at all, but if this is organized well, I pretty much know they're legit and worth emulating. Developer Tools, API docs -- Most will have some integrations, so seeing how they present themselves to devs is helpful. User management -- Admins need some love too. How do they make sure that users can be managed easily? Core interaction page(s) -- Basically, what is part of their product that gets used when the product is on display. For Zapier this would be the rule builder, for dropbox and Drive it would be the collaboration and file management pages, for Invision and Marvel it would be the prototype creation tool. There's not really one uniform core page, even for these, but they're something you definitely won't find in a template. Profile and dashboard pages are okay too, but I never know the context without understanding the product very well. I'm not sure many will even have a profile page, beyond a screen with notifications and some contact preferences.
Simple and sweet. Hopefully this boost from ProductHunt will give a little inspiration to make this even more comprehensive.
This looks great, good work @_shahedk! I like your categorisation choices and implementation. I'm working on something similar (design inspiration search engine), but not specific to SaaS (though many UI examples posted happen to be SaaS-related thus far):