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Founder of Division 77
As someone who used to make his living from songwriting, before apps like this one came along and reduced the value of a song to zero.... What's the model here to pay the songwriters?
Lee Qixian
Full-stack Developer
@mickc79 Based on the app's description it sources from DailyMotion. So it's something like playing through YouTube and whatnot. The app is simply a front client that allows for easier access I suppose.
Aleksander Skjoelsvik
I like making things
@mickc79 seems like the app gets its content from http://www.dailymotion.com/. Unsure whether allowing to play in the background violates their ToS or not. Apps that have done a similar thing with YouTube hosted content in the past have been shut down.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Spotify crushes pretty well as the go-to for music. Can this app really compete?
Mahesh Shrestha
Founder at Tech Vumi & Prabidhi.Info
Make the app able to download the streamed app for the offline listening, and then it might bring some serious competition!!!
Dan Dan
Web Dev.
Music is never free. This just finds the already illegally posted music on the web and makes it easily available on your phone. Not the first one that does it either... most get shutdown overtime. You can listen to a wide range of (ad supported) music on spotify, pandora and other legal streaming apps.