Rygbee - Online Smart Personal Idea Guide

Evolve your ideas with thought-boosting creative leads

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We have released our demo video at https://youtu.be/zN8ysdCv-XY
Jot down your ideas as they strike. Evolve them with relevant reads and like-minded people.
@neerajt4 Hi Neeraj, thanks a lot for hunting us! Hi all, I am Sourish - co-founder of Rygbee. We all have those "aha moments" but most of the time we sit on those exciting ideas or just drop them off. At Rygbee, we believe that problem is not that we are lazy but rather these three issues: 1.) Ideas come up so furiously and in so many numbers 2.) We are busy with so many other important things in life 3.) We do not know exactly what to do next 4.) We love ideating at our own pace and then we lose track of our ideas Rygbee solves these problems by providing you with an online smart personal "idea guide". You can jot down your ideas whenever they come up and the platform starts understanding your thought-process. Based on that it suggests various creative leads in the form of thought-boosting reads, visuals, and other creative peers/mentors who are thinking on similar lines. We keep building proprietary NLP, ML, and recommendation algorithms to give you a magical ideation experience. The journey has just begun and the magic is going to unfold as you interact with Rygbee more. Keep critiquing Rygbee so that we can make it truly magical! Currently we are over 68 countries with over 2500 active users. Join the Rygbee Movement where creativity knows no boundary! We dream, we create, we grow - together.
@sourish_dasgupta All the best! 😊
Great Idea Sourish, You might want to market this to people who have read James Altucher's books in the "Choose Yourself" series. One of the daily habits he is a strong advocate of is to think and write down 10 ideas every day http://www.jamesaltucher.com/201... Best, Nikhil
Sounds like a cool service. :)