A virtual whiteboard for your ideas

#5 Product of the WeekJuly 09, 2018

Ryeboard is the easiest, most intuitive way of expressing your ideas on a virtual white board. Brainstorm innovative ideas, plan out your next daunting essay, or organize your next vacation on Ryeboard.

Currently in open beta and only available on desktops!

Checkout the road-map here

  • Karl Taylor
    Karl TaylorMaking waves for people to web surf

    Really clean, easy to use. Looking forward to see what else is in store.


    Only two widgets in the menu bar at the moment.

    Great way to jot down a lot of things going on throughout the day. Although I'm not sure that my RyeBoard might eventually get a bit cluttered and I might start losing stuff. But I'll stick around to see what kind of new features get added.

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  • Bruno Skvorc
    Bruno SkvorcBitfalls.com, Coinvendor.io, Diffbot.com



    No features

    Needs more post types - notes and images are not enough. We need to be able to connect entities and to draw arrows at least, maybe color the notes and posts differently, etc. As it is, it offers little to nothing over a simple google drawings document.

    Bruno Skvorc has used this product for one day.
Hey, John. Congrats on the launch and still 1st place of the day 🤟🏼. Have a look on RealtimeBoard that is on related products to yours - they have a great traction. Good luck!
@roman_eaton Thanks Roman! I'm a huge productivity tool consumer and so I did take a look at RealtimeBoard and also Milanote before developing this. They both have great products but I wanted to make something in the middle. After adding some tools like free drawing and collaboration, hopefully it'll live up to that vision!
@john_bae cool, owning you own vision is really great!
Congrats on launching! Any plans to develop a mobile app or introduce premium paid for features? @john_bae
@abadesi Hey Abadesi! I realize the app would be very limited without a mobile app to accompany it and so it's definitely in my agenda. I'm also thinking about adding some premium paid features but I'll hold off on that until I can get the free version nice and cozy :)
Congrats, John! Looks cool, but why is it better than using something like InVision Freehand?
@diegonlly Hey Diego. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with InVision Freehand but I just took a look at it and wow, it looks awesome! Ryeboard is a work in progress that is meant to be more of a general tool rather than a specialized one such as InVision Freehand. It admittedly lacks a lot of features to differentiate itself from competitors right now but it's only been 2 months since I started developing it. Although Ryeboard is a side-project of mine, I'm spending (and will continue to spend!) lot's of time ramping up it's capabilities. If you're interested in the future of Ryeboard check out the road-map here: https://trello.com/b/lHnYluHG/ry...! Thanks for your interest!
@john_bae Wow! I really like what you are doing. Congrats, John.
@diegonlly Thanks a lot! Drop me an email at john.uhyb@gmail.com if you need anything :)
Nifty!! I'll have to give it a go for next project
Hi I have Google keep. Why should I switch to Ryeboard?
@oleg_avrah Hello there Oleg! No reason to switch to be honest haha, I still use Google Keep myself along with Ryeboard. But I personally find Ryeboard more useful when I'm brainstorming and planning things out while Google Keep is great at taking short notes and being able to find them conveniently. Hopefully future features will provide more solid reasons to switch to / try Ryeboard :)