Russian History in Cats

Unique interactive book of medieval history of Russia

Marvelous history book for everyone, who loves cats and wants to know more about Russian history. The book provides a glimpse of medieval Russia in short articles of historical events, everyday life, culture from IX to XVI century along with mini-games for each section. The book is interactive: touch cats, and they will respond to your actions.

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Hello. This product had been made by two people and inspired by Slavic folk culture. We created a book for children and adults to invite attention to Russian history and culture and introduce both of them in new, more colorful and attractive way. History of the Middle Ages is based on narrative. In chronicles facts are closely intertwined with legends and verbal folklore. A “cat-design” was chosen because of perceptible role of this animal in Russian everyday life and folk culture: cat is a favorite pet in most Russian families from early times, as well as it is a main hero of children’s tales and songs. We hope, that this book will give new experiences to all, who is interested in history.
I've always had such a huge interest in Russian History!
@aaronoleary it's your chance to read about it. Cute cats included )