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Beautiful, @aprilzero. I've seen you post screenshots of your Gyroscope-tracked runs on Twitter. Was that your "MVP" to building this?
@rrhoover Yep! I think that’s something I’ve learned recently from this community—being efficient with time and validating things before jumping into a big project. The first version was just me messing around in Photoshop after running. I would post them to Instagram and people seemed to like them. Then the “app” was just people emailing me a link to their run and a request, and I would spend an hour making it into a small card and email back a jpg. Then we spent a few months building the app and beta testing. We first put the donuts in there as just a joke, but it quickly became really popular.
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@aprilzero smart. I love how these little cards (perfect for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are "rewards" for running. It's interesting how social has changed user behavior and in many ways encouraged people to go out and do things they wouldn't do otherwise, just for the selfie. 😊
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@aprilzero @rrhoover This was the very first MVP: — the people commenting about the app were partly why we continued working on it. Some of the features in it have been built now, like the text matching the color of the image, but we still need to add others like the dot which shows where the picture was taken. This was the first run actually posted through the app: But there were a bunch of experiments in between, like or – showing your music is still something we need to figure out how to do. We've got the data for it through our Spotify integration, but it's a tricky design problem.
@rrhoover Yes. I'm not really a great runner, so this is the extra motivation I need. If I didn't get at least 50 likes, I probably wouldn't do it.
@rrhoover Couldn't agree with you more! Fitness / studying / self-improvement FEEL better when there's social validation. Maybe I'm a dumb millennial but this is genius - it takes that concept and works backwards to find the best design and presentation to post an open invitation to be validated for what you're doing. @aprilzero congrats this is epic. You mention making a system of complimentary health apps on the landing page. Do you think you'll go as far as making one for reading / studying / meditation - things that are less arbitrarily quantifiable? 😺
I love what Gyroscope is doing and can't wait to see more integrations become available to the platform!
Really nicely done. The Strava integration works great, and the overlay options to put data over the route map or a photo are beautiful. I've used a few of these, but this one is the nicest I've seen so far.
Hot stuff! Great work @myusuf3 and @aprilzero. 🏃
This is so beautiful & mesmerizing to look at the completed runs!