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Gary HoubreDéveloper web
Great tutorial, thanks you, i want learning ruby on rails for future project.
Vasilij MelnychukSoftware Developer, MatchOffice
It looks like an author is beginner, like the people to whom this article was addressed. And it could be quite harmful because "complete beginners" should at least be familiar with ruby, and not jumping into bucket of magic and unicorns. I would not recommend to read it for beginners (even not complete), and it has nothing to tell to experienced developers, so, i assume, this article would be helpful for nobody.
Product Designer & Maker
@sqrel I thought I did a good job of avoiding buckets and unicorns (by avoiding scaffolding for example) and everything there is designed to introduce beginners to the features of rails they'll use later as this is an introduction for people with no experience with with web development. Thanks for the feedback though. How would you improve it?
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