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I chatted with @billglaser and team a few months ago to give them in put on this heavy redesign/re-launch of Overnear. It's been fun seeing its evolution and I'm a fan of its more playful branding. I realize this space is heavily saturated and there are many event discovery apps in the deadpool but it's still a worthwhile problem to tackle. The broad questions: why did you choose to build this, @billglaser?
Thanks @rrhoover! We built Rowl to help people look away from their screens and go out and do interesting and cool things. Along with finding things to do based on a user's location, friends, and interests (music, comedy, theater and sports), users can post their own events (Rowls) and easily notify their friends in the area. We want to help users cut through the clutter of feeds and tweets to better find and share awesome things to do. We also want to give fans exclusive opportunities that they can't get anywhere else. We're going to be giving away tickets, meet and greets and other swag to every Hunter Hayes show this fall and have other artists we're partnering with as well. For Rowl users, we truly intend to make life more eventful!