Sharing and version control for Siri shortcuts

RoutineHub is a community for finding, sharing and version-controlling Siri Shortcuts.

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Nice! Very similar to though :)
@tristan_white I haven't seen that one yet! I'll have to explore a bit.
Congratulations @hmhrex Your site looks great. I hope you'll have a lot of success with your new project. I plan to open-source my Shortcuts Parser bot from my project which is also an awesome Shortcut Sharing Hub :-) I'm currently working on getting support for showing all the Actions etc. from the Shortcut on the website, parsed from the binary file. Let me know if you would have any interest in this. Best of luck @danielbahl
@danielbahl That's awesome! I hadn't seen your site until Tristan mentioned it about an hour ago. It seems you and I have very similar ideas! I'm working on the same thing. Maybe we'll get a chance to collaborate in the future!
Hi, I’m Harley. The developer of RoutineHub. RoutineHub is a community for sharing Siri Shortcuts. You can easily add your Shortcut to the directory, and share it out to your friends and family. If you ever make a change to your Shortcut, you can simply upload a new version and users can download the new version. Today, Mike Beasley, creator of UpdateKit (, and I launched RoutinePub ( RoutinePub is a Shortcut that lets you push an update you've made to one of your Shortcuts directly to RoutineHub. If you also integrate UpdateKit into your shortcut, then users of your Shortcuts will be prompted to update when they run it. I think Siri Shortcuts have the potential to be super powerful. I believe that the main thing holding it back is that non-technical people feel a little daunted by how complicated it seems. My main goal with RoutineHub is to get more people excited about Shortcuts by making it really easy for them to find ones useful to them. There are several new features on the horizon, and new Shortcuts are being added every day. Your feedback is welcome!

is gud


Easy to use and manage shortcuts


Boring design ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am loving this. And I just submitted my first shortcut. I love that you can submit a shortcut from shortcuts
@scottwyden I'm glad you're enjoying it!