Explore a city through personal itineraries made by locals.

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Hi everyone! I'm the co-founder of We are an app where people can find routes - places connected together on a map. Routes gives you a super simple platform to find awesome stuff to do in a day. Examples of routes are: * City exploring * Date nights * Pubcrawls on a budget * Bike rides with epic views * Hangover day by the beach * Tokyo feel in San Francisco Routes is a platform that shows perfectly planned days made by locals. These are called routes. Every route is filled with pictures, ratings, navigation, transit directions and a (soon to be) offline map, that we aggregate from third party services. In this way you can save hours of planning and use fewer applications when you plan your trip. It's really great to have this platform if you come to a new city, or just want to explore the place you live in. Routes is currently in 5 cities, but we open new ones when we hit at least 20 routes in a city. Growth rate has been about 2 cities a week. Website:
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@andreas_bollestad_pedersen it's a no brainer, literally - which I think has tremendous value.
@andreas_bollestad_pedersen on your site's homepage footer google plus and instagram are reversed
@orliesaurus Thanks! We fixed it now :-)
Congrats on the launch! Can you tell us what was the inspiration for creating this app?
@percival Most existing travel apps gives you great tips on single venues, but you still have to plan ahead for your next activity. Say your at the Eiffel tower, what do you do after that? We are lazy and hate planning, so we were motivated by the idea of having someone plan a whole experience and share it with others.
@michaelgunnulf @percival I really like that thought. I have these obsessive tendencies to squeeze every last bit out of short trips, and easily become irritated when I start my list of "must-dos" from the wrong end. Add severe FOMO, and the trip is spoiled. Having all spots nicely laid out on a route, planned by someone who knows more about the city than me, is pure gold.
Nice. This seems also like a convenient way to record my trips so that I can easily share routes from my travels with friends.
Love this. Can I find routes of street art in cities?
One of the biggest pain when traveling is that you can't have an app that plan everything for you. I have been finding a solution to this problem cos I hate spending time planning when what I should do is go explore the city :) Tripadvisor /Uber/Party with a local doesn't help either so Kudos for this!
@linhpham24 Thanks! Yeah, we experienced that we used a lot of time when we travelled and had to use different applications to solve the need of planning our days. With Routes you get all the information you need, pictures, ratings, navigation and transit directions and offline capability.