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Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by! @josephkerns and I are self-taught developers and built Roundview to help better track, synthesize, and communicate what we are reading online. We are just beyond alpha stage, built on top of @Pocket and @Readability for our beta, and have a lot to polish but wanted to launch to the community. Currently, the core features that we can provide @Pocket and @Readability readers are three-fold: “Quantified Self” - we can help you quantify the reading that you are doing on a daily basis as well as conduct semantic analysis to help you categorize it “Discover” - we can help you see what you and your friends have read (as in - actually have read) in common and share your archives for friends “Public Profiles” - something we are experimenting with (as we see @pocket and @feedly) doing too is public profiles. We have started by scraping Twitter reading information for investing luminaries such as Marc Andreessen and Fred Wilson, and will continue to experiment on those fronts. Looking forward to your thoughts!
So I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's one of my favorite new apps. I don't say that lightly. I love being able to quantify what I'm reading and I think it's definitely encouraged me to read more. I look forward to more people being on the platform so I can discover what we've read in common and find new content to add to my Pocket.
Very cool @josephkerns and @tkalimov! Discovery is a really interesting feature to me, I'm typically asking people I respect what they're reading. I think I'd still do that IRL but definitely value in bringing some of that online & more efficiently. What are you thinking for your next integration?
@AnthonyMarnell thanks! We definitely do that as well - we have "go-to" friends when we want to learn about certain subjects and this helps make it more tangible. In terms of integrations, we want to get down reading (i.e., @feedly, @instapaper, @goodreads), but eventually want to move into video (@youtube) and podcasts (@soundcloud). Plus I'm sure @jberrebi would agree that @pmarca tweetstorms are another good way to learn!
A couple products that we have discovered on Product Hunt that we would love to have check out Roundview include @knowall (@tomcavill), @degreed (@katlady10), and @nuzzel (@abrams).
@josephkerns looks interesting! When I looked at my archive - it looks like most of my content is being counted twice - just a heads up!
@katlady10 oh, wonderful feedback - thanks Kat. We'll definitely have to look into that. Love what you guys are doing @degreed - seems like we both certainly believe a lot of the same things! cc @tkalimov
@josephkerns yes - it does! Love seeing the breakdown of the types of things I read - I'm always amazed when I get feedback on my learning. I may think I am spending time in one area, when it reality I'm spending it somewhere else. Would love to chat more!
@katlady10 sounds great - I'm at joe at roundview dot co.
thanks @gillianm - definitely trying to do some good work to rally the PH community to get more users and feedback on how we can improve while we're in beta!