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I think the you-tube feature should be more front forward. It's currently hidden in games, meanwhile your nav bar has a doodle apps and filters as core function. Over all the idea of platform agnostic simple video chat is good. Throw out the things that aren't vital. Feature the things that are magical. Really nice job on the multi user you-tube functionality!
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@aplusk What is this... you hyphen tube you speak of
Thanks for the great feedback @aplusk! Our users are super engaged with the different activities and indeed especially with YouTube. We have some plans on how to emphasize and highlight it further in groups soon... Cheers ;)
I love Rounds! It's the next step in video chat!
Thanks @kobaiko. We're really excited about this new release!
reminds me of Teleparty app. Neat product!
looks cool. will give it a run and be back with feedback.
Thanks Andy. Looking forward to your feedback! @mrandydavis
Interesting product. Obviously the multi-party video chat support is what is catching my interest. How does this differ from Hangouts, which does the same?
@aaroncrocco well, a lot of things :) first, our app is focused on fun and entertainment and not just being a communication tool and that's why we offer YouTube watching, games and other stuff you can do together while chatting; second, the groups themselves are started Whatsapp-style and can be instantly started with one tap; third, users can join groups using the group's code, which allows for sort-of-public groups to be created with friends and friends of friends and basically bypassing any social network restriction. Thanks for the interest and I hope this helps...