Rounds For Time

Find the best CrossFit gyms near you

CrossFit lingo can be hard to grasp at first.

If it’s your first time in a CrossFit gym, you can be scared away by the strange terminology.

But fair no more.

This comprehensive CrossFit glossary will help you become an expert from day one and avoid confusion in the box.Rounds For Time is

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@ayrton @syswarren @mscccc is time I took the plunge and started CrossFit? I'm kinda scared but also do really want to build up my strength. Looks like there's a great CrossFit Gym not too far from me according to this tool. Is it scary to start? Any tips for an utter noob?
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@ayrton @syswarren @ems_hodge DO IT. They all have some kind of onboarding class to teach technique. Do that then commit to 3 days a week for 3 months. Scared turns to fun real quick
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@ayrton @syswarren @mscccc maybe I'll just go for it! I'll keep you updated. I'm such a weedling right now. Need to do something about it.
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@ayrton @syswarren @ems_hodge yesss. then next time you visit SF we can do a class together!
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@syswarren @mscccc @ems_hodge it's a life changer, I recommend it to everyone who is willing to put in the work. You'll become a lot more conscious about a healthy lifestyle, and as a bonus, during the summer vacation, you'll get a ton of compliments.