Rough Draft for iPhone & iPad

The worst text editor -- because it doesn't let you edit

#5 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2016
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I beta tested this when it was a *rough* Mac app with a fantastic team working hard to nail the experience and they did. As someone who had my own publishing startup and a love for writing, I immediately took to it. And I've loved following what the team has done ever since. The fact that it's mobile now makes it 100x better. Get to writing!
@imcatnoone Thanks for all your support, Cat :) As you highlighted, the experience here is a long time in the making. Crafting something that will (hopefully) fit into an author's flow is a very tall order. Writers pay attention to details, and so we've been held to an exactingly high standard. Building this has also been an exercise in staying out of the way while trying to provide enough value to be part of a writer's flow, which also happens to be a challenging message to communicate! We're refining that message and the product experience on a daily basis, and we're excited to be on PH to hear everyone's feedback, again :)
Rough Draft started with Mac, but I'm really excited to write with RD on iOS since the focused nature of an iPhone/iPad better match the focus needed for drafting–not editing–than a multi-tasking Mac. Also, when you have a bluetooth keyboard and iPad there's no mouse for idle hands to wander to when my mind is wandering looking for a word. That's my biased opinion as part of the team that made Rough Draft, would love to hear what you love and hate! And just talk writing too :)
Having used the mac app, I'm so excited this is finally released on iOS. Writing on mobile really exacerbates all my writerly anxieties, so I'm thrilled to have something designed to push me through them. I'm also made about 96Problems' "try before you buy" model, which gets around all the worst things about the app store just beautifully - I wish more app developers would follow their lead!
I found that using Rough Draft was a chance to take a fresh look at my own writing process – when editing was taken out of the equation, I had the opportunity to really think about how I write, and how I capture ideas. Though initially it was frustrating to get used to (I like to edit as I go), ultimately the experience was hugely rewarding for the way it taught me that the first time you put an idea down it's allowed to be messy and ugly and awkward – you can make it pretty and perfect later. I should add that the above experience got me in touch with the makers of the app, and I'm now happy to be sharing these thoughts as a member of their team. If you're using RD, I'm curious to know how you find it, and I hope you'll let me know in a reply! :)
Someone very wise once told me he gets up and writes around 4AM because the editor in him wakes up at 8. I think Rough Draft has the potential to help solve our self-censorship and allow us to get our ideas out faster. Not sure how much writing I do on mobile, but definitely going to try.
@bryceoflife Yeah, I tend to just grab the beginning of ideas when I'm on the go on mobile. When I do get a chance to sit down at a cafe and get out my BT keyboard it is writing heaven though. This keyboard is really great: Speaking of which, I should hunt it 💡