Free sports team scheduling, rostering, payments and more.

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Been working with cofounders @ianb (long time product guy and enthusiastic hockey goalie) & @BretHedican (retired NHLer, Stanley Cup winner and Olympian) and their team for a few months now, and have been super impressed with the progress they have made. They will be able to tell you much more about it, but if you have ever had to manage an amateur sports team you will understand how frustrating it can be and what RosterBot is for. Making sure you have enough players, the right players, that players know where the game is, collecting fees and more. I have used it personally to manage our volleyball team, and a monthly poker game. Works like a charm.
Very proud of the team that keeps building RosterBot every day, and the feedback we get from users is inspiring. While we're committed to keeping RosterBot as a FREE service, we are also committed to staying ahead of competitors in design, user experience, and capability. RosterBot is the smartest Team Manager out there, with the greatest array of discrete management functions, to keep your teams running smoothly. ... but enough marketing speak. We're a bunch of athletes who love technology, so we're probably just like you. We see thousands of ways in which we can improve the experience of playing sports with our platform, and you bet we're pushing the envelope in every direction to make that happen.
I've been using Rosterbot for three years. Great product and radically improved in last 12 months. Great for communicating with a team and avoids the pain of just going with email or other options out there (I've tried). I have yet to try their payment options, but those look really good.
Great team and a great product. This is a must if you crave sanity when managing a recreational sports team or even just playing on one.
Been using the product for about 2 years. Keeps everyone on our basketball team engaged and on time. In the last year it's improved so much. Keep up the great work!