Performances and errors monitoring for Ruby on Rails apps.

Speed is the most important feature.

Slow and unreliable websites lose customers.

RoRvsWild monitors, pinpoints bottlenecks and track issues in Ruby on Rails applications.

RoRvsWild measures the response time and throughput of all requests and background jobs, and lets Rails developers easily find out where to focus their optimizations on.

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Thanks Andrew! We’re super excited as we’re getting ready to present RoRvsWild at the first Geneva, Switzerland Product Hunt meetup tonight. We’ll be around if you have any feedback or question.
@antoinem Great and inspiring pitch! +20!
@upcomingvc great event, thanks for the invite and kind words :)
Great job!!!
RAILS 4+ Compatibility Only, FYI. You shouldn't be on Rails 3 anyway because it's end of life (EOL) but just a heads up in case you are.