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Hey Product Hunters, I'm Nauman, Co-founder of Ropazi, along with @sophiasalim. Weโ€™re excited to launch Ropazi exclusively to Product Hunt. We have an exclusive deal just for this community of makers - take 10% OFF your first order. Parenthood is changing as we enter a new modern family system in this generation. As busy parents, we wanted to build a way to help us free up some time in the day so that we can spend it with our kids. Ropazi in its first step is helping do just that by taking one of the most time consuming (and often repetitive) tasks in parenthood - keeping your little ones clothed :) Ropazi aims at helping busy moms and dads with buying amazing clothes for their kids. We partner with many independent brands to bring you the unique and trendy looks often unknown to the masses as well as with big box retailers to get you your kidโ€™s favorite basics. All of the engagement happens over text messaging, the parents - at their own time - can message their dedicated shopper and let them know of their needs. We're making shopping personal again - as it had been for centuries. If you're a dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandparent - we got you covered. Come give it a try or share it with someone you know who would benefit from this amazing product.
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@naumanq @sophiasalim I hate shopping, and I'm really busy as well. I generally tend to use Amazon Prime. I don't often go to stores but when I do, I'm in and out. I have a boy--he's tough on clothes. Most moms I know are using hand-me-downs and stocking up on staples at the local big-box store. Will Ropazi be able to save me time compared to Amazon? I'm interested in value, ease of shopping, and selection. Also, I'm terrible with sizing and can't compare whether he's bigger or smaller than his peers. Will an online personal shopper be able to guide someone like me toward a very low return rate?
@runningdmc @sophiasalim Yes indeed! Ropazi quickly identifies your preferences and parameters (kind of like what you just mentioned) and then remains in that domain. We've had parents often tell us that when compared to Amazon - we're more personalized and aspirational, not to mention convenient as well. However, our shipping isn't as fast as Prime and it isn't free :( As for sizing, we've mapped out a lot of sizes of brands and how they relate to each other, you just need to tell us a brand and size your child currently fits in and we'll suggest which size of other brands you should buy. Sign up and give it a try
@naumanq @sophiasalim Looking forward to it:) Just throw Minecraft or zombies on anything and he'll be thrilled:)
@runningdmc @sophiasalim haha such a cool idea! Taking personalization to the next level ;)
Here's a time-saving personal shopper that works via text message. A great example of conversation and commerce working together to provide a better experience for consumers. Got young kids? Try it out for your self and see what you think.
@hnshah thanks for the hunt Hiten! Glad to be bringing the joy of Ropazi to this amazing community.
I love the increasing application of conversational commerce. BUT For fashion/clothing I am not yet convinced that it is the right use-case. Sure, for a busy adult, getting some socks delivered via chat interface is handy. Even emergency situations where you need a shirt because you spilled ketchup down your current one. When it comes to buying clothes for your kids though, I suspect parents want to check them out a lot more. Maybe they'd rather touch and feel them. Often sizes for young kids varies so much too that it can be quite a challenge to get this right, especially when you are essentially just texting back and for.
@bentossell - great to hear more support for conversational commerce and thanks a lot for your thoughts :) The application of conversational commerce isn't limited to select (I know what I want) products or even to timely needed products. We've had a lot of busy parents in our beta who love the help with buying kids clothes because it saves them a LOT of time. I think the convenience and the degree to which you get to personalize this service (budget, style, etc) is what in the end users will value the most. As a mom, who has had her fair share of juggling acts to do with - work/school/family all at the same time, I personally felt the need that many moms out there today have - help me get more hours in the day. The engagement with parents over messaging is perfect because they don't have to take dedicated time out of their busy days to sit down and shop. Yes there are parents who want to touch and feel the clothes but we assure highest quality of products from the brands we work with. As for sizing, thats the number 1 reason for returns in kids clothes and ironically the easiest to solve using messaging, e.g. is your kid tall and slender for his age? An interesting stat on the return of merchandise - our return rates for our beta were < 5%, which is extremely low compared to traditional ecommerce (48 % of e-commerces say that they have a return rate of between 25 and 50% -
I've had a few friends use this service and its worked very well!! They found some adorable Easter outfits in no time....but on their time :)
@julievaughn so glad your friends loved the service :)
I really like the idea!
@luciemerieux thanks a lot Lucie! We've had the pleasure to help a lot of parents already and they've loved the service.