Anxiety and panic attack relief for iOS & Android

Rootd is panic attack & anxiety relief right in your pocket.

This female-founded app blends engaging design with lessons and exercises (like a panic button, deep breathing tool, and guided visualizations), to help users find immediate and long term relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

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27 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for introducing us @awilkinson Hey Product Hunt 👋(please see below for an exclusive offer for the Product Hunt community) Rootd is a labor of love created out of my personal experience with anxiety. It felt frustrating that I couldn’t find a resource that was affordable, convenient, and not ugly to look at all at the same time. 🚀 Rootd first launched as an MVP just over a year ago. I’ve bootstrapped the project by creating all graphics, content, wire-frames, UX, and marketing, and getting awesome help with development from @maxim_ellison. We’ve released several updates along the way, and another big one this week which I consider our “official” launch - adding improvements to the tools, exercises, and UX, and introducing the first translated version of Rootd (Portuguese). Rootd is free to download, and the core content is included with a free account forever (so that nobody feels they can’t seek relief from anxiety due to financial reasons), including: • Panic Button • Understanding Lessons • Emergency Contact • Deep Breathing Tool • Guided Visualization • Personal Stats Page • the Rootd sticker pack for iMessage • a disgruntled blue monster named Ron who accompanies users on their journeys 🌟 Users wanting even more content, and to help support Rootd, can upgrade to All Access via a paid subscription (company subscriptions are also available). All Access includes: • Additional lessons (Short Term Relief & Long Term Relief series) • A more comprehensive Deep Breathing Tool • Longer Visualizations • Soothing Nature Sounds • And access to any content we add in the future (which we do regularly) If you or someone you care about might benefit from Rootd, I hope you’ll give it a try. I will be here responding to every question or comment, and I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts! - Ania PS - We don’t have the ability to offer Rootd coupons/discounts developed quite yet, but I want to offer a special deal for Product Hunters. So if you download Rootd and create your account, email me by February 1, 2019 ( and I’ll set you up with one free month of Full Access 🎁

I use the deep breathing exercise often - it's both calming and great daily practice. Congrats on making a beautiful app.


- The breathing exercise is very calming - The blue monster is hilarious and mood-boosting - A comprehensive yet accessible resource


- Not so much a con, but it would be nice if more languages were supported

This is so awesome - love the concept and simple design. Congrats @ania_wysocka 🎉
@nadia_tatlow Thank you Nadia! 😊
Practical help for anxiety is now at hand, wherever you are. Beautifully designed and illustrated. If mobile vendors are pre-installing social media apps on their phones, then they should pre-install this app too as a counter-measure.
@paul47insights That's a valid point, Paul! Rootd has a lesson in the app specifically about social media induced anxiety. Thanks for the feedback on the design, too. 😊

Clean, simple and helpful. The Rootr prompts are well designed, and the app's Understanding Lessons offer useful information and learnings for anyone looking to learn more about anxiety.


Clean, focused UI