No sign up chatrooms with just a URL and your handle

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A few additional features: • You can create named roomchats simply by going to the url of the desired room like: Going to gives you a randomized room that can be private if not shared • You can invite via email by typing "/invite" • You can send a private message to an individual in a room by starting your message with @username — your text will go gray and only you and the individual mentioned will see it. • You can "whistle" at someone to get their attention by just mentioning them in chat. • You can share images by dragging them into the browser from your machine or by pasting a url. • Current maximum capacity is 25 users, everyone after that will be in Watch Mode. This one is more for AMA-esque use cases :) * LOTS of new things coming in 2015 :)
@super_haik This is great! Is there a way to delete a room/chat?
@mutlu82 nothing is stored, so it really only exists as long as someone is there
@super_haik Igor seems to respond to /whatever commands, but doesn't actually *know* any other than /invite. What gives? I tried /help and Igor was like "huh?"
@malcolm_ocean /invite is it for right now, but the list of commands will be expanded and continue to grow soon :)
hello am here where are u from
That was easy:
Been looking for something like this for a while, very nice! I noticed it turns :) into ): though, which is really affecting my positive vibes..
This is really cool, but is there any information about privacy of my conversation? The website doesn't seem to have a privacy policy that I can locate.