A Personal Space for The Open Office

At ROOM, we’re reimagining the modern workplace. Our first product, ROOM One, is a soundproof booth that helps you get things done. It’s engineered with recycled plastic bottles to do more by using less, and it’s easy to move around and assemble. We ship flat and sell direct to keep costs low, making ROOM One the first to solve noise at scale.

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We have these in both AngelList offices (SF and NY) and they're a blast. Well-ventilated (we added extra fans for comfort) and well designed, they fit into almost any office environment. Much better than yacking to your mother in the middle of the office. 😅
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@nickabouzeid LIFE SAVER. Worst thing is not being able to find a room for a scheduled call or meeting.
@nickabouzeid We are so proud to have AngelList as a customer, and very happy to hear that you're getting good use out of our product! :)
@rrhoover I agree - in general, people unnecessarily hog meeting rooms to eat lunch, have a personal conversation or any # of things.
Funny project 😀, never understood open-space offices - really decreases productivity and work quality to my mind.
I don't understand why they didn't go with
I work at a co-working space on a regular basis and this is a great product to have. While open work spaces are a good development for the office, privacy is often overlooked. This is a good solution for looking for an empty conference room.
Used these at the Collision Conference in Nola. Amazing!
@mzuvella Awesome so glad that you had a chance to try out the product already!