Rolo Calendar

A calendar for people who don't use calendars

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Who doesn't use a calendar? I couldn't function without one. The rotary dial is an interesting way of visualizing how you're spending your time.
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@rrhoover My buddy @liampmccabe and his team recently launched this app, who have quite an interesting take on visualising time. I thought it would be worth sharing as I'm someone who uses a calendar 24/7 and this is a unique take on the traditional calendar methods.
@notrab @rrhoover Cheers guys! Rolo was a little idea we had a few months ago and we're glad it's finally came to fruition. The whole concept of a circular calendar was an intriguing one, the main idea - which my buddy @nikolakirev will go into more detail - was to wonder what your day, week, month or year would look like, if you could see it all at once. No rows and rows of weeks like traditional calendars but instead a long infinite circular timeline that can be scaled accordingly.
@rrhoover there's another clock-style interface app called Dials ( that's been out in public beta for a while.
@rrhoover I don't use a calendar; That is, I hate the way a traditional calendar functions. This app looks promising for people like me.
So the original idea came from circular watch faces and how they represent blocks of time as segments on a circle. The circle shows you 24 hours where the top is the present time, the left half is the past and the right half is the future. Of course, since we have the calendar events layed out on the circle, you can scrub through time in a very ‘iPod Classic’ way :) There is also on option to switch to week/year view by swiping up or down on the screen. We also did something different with creating new events. Instead of asking users to enter a title for every event they create, we give them a list of categories to choose from as well as allowing them to create their own. Fitting the circle on the screen is easy, what wasn’t easy, was coming up with what to do with all that spare pixels. Calendar and weather apps work well together, so we decided to make the app background display the current weather using some fun, cartoony graphics. The position of the sun and the shade of the sky also corresponds to the time of day. @liampmccabe did some awesome illustrations for all these features! In the next version of Rolo we'd like to make it smarter at automatically categorising your calendar events and potentially have separate calendars for work, social and even longer events that would have a slightly more custom design with unique circles and backgrounds. We hope you like it!
Android version coming?
This thing should be on the watch :)
Is Android in the works?
@pburtchaell Potentially!