A compact digital rolling ruler 📏

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2018

Replace your traditional measuring tapes with a compact gadget that measure curves and lines.

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Looks cool but is it actually useful? How about when you need to measure objects with different shapes? For example, I may need to measure the height of a vase to put it in a box.
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@enjoythecode If you get one, I bet you will love it! It's quite useful in many scenes, softgood design, interior design, for ceramic artist and more daily use! But if you are looking for a ruler that fit all circumstance, probably not appear yet. (We are still inventing that device!)
@hozo_design Thanks for the reply, I was just thinking out loud. Good luck with your project 😺
Hey, what's up guys, Thanks @Nikolai Lebedovsky for posting us on, we love to show up!
Proper bearings. You have to press WAY too hard or it slips, making it useless
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