See what your team members are working on right now

Ive seen a few of these tools in the past crop up but what looks impressive with this is the lack of friction they offer by integrating nicely with popular tools like github, hipchat, flowdock, slack, etc. Also the status board feature looks quite nice. I'd love to hear from the community how others have tackled the common issues of knowing what team members are working on 'right now' (especially in remote teams).
@jasondainter I see that it integrates with hipchat etc, but this tool serves the exact same purpose from an engineering standpoint. Here is what my hipchat looks like: - I guess from a design/bd side it might be interesting for the engineers to see what they are working on... but that's what "status" is for in these team chat apps...
This is like a more advanced/feature-full version of iDoneThis.
@rolandal thanks for the feedback (I'm one of the people behind Rollcall). We've heard that a few times, but once people start using Rollcall it's a little easier to see the value. In short: our tool is about generating artifacts from those status updates: email reports or dashboards you can use for stand ups, or send in lieu of weekly status reports, or as a way to look back without wading through every commit or push or plain old chat message. Plus, I just keep the dashboard up on a different monitor or on my iPad and I can see what's happening right now. I like the comparison to iDoneThis - we're definitely in that same ballpark. Our approach has some advantages, but I like their focus.
@sujal The artifact part/rollup/summary is an interesting differentiator. We only have 8 engineers so it's still pretty easy to go back and find what I'm looking for as a product/BD guy. I think as the organization grows, the need for what you've built emerges...