Real-time Error Tracking for Javascript and more.

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Christopher Hopkins — Engineer✌️
@shedd I've used both before. You can use Airbrake with Rollbar if you so choose. The benefit of going with Rollbar is purely for their focus on Javascript error reporting. Last time I checked Airbrake was experimenting with their Javascript reporting. Airbrake and HoneyBadger are great for server side error reporting but we needed something solid for the client side.

Maybe things have changed since I last looked but there weren't many JS reporting tools out there as stable as Rollbar :)
Jamie Lawrence — Consultant CTO, Rails developer
Rollbar is the best error reporting service I've come across. Airbrake is just horrible, horrible software. The best things about Rollbar: 1) it captures the user who encountered the error; 2) I get plenty of information around stack trace, context etc; 3) It's EU safe-harbor compliant (most services aren't, and therefore most EU businesses should not be using them)

I only wish Rollbar charged more / had a lower free tier so my clients could give them more money
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