World's first infinitely portable, wireless record player

RokBlok is a portable wireless record player.

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Thanks for Hunting! Last year I went to meet some friends at a park after record shopping. I had just found one of my favorite records, “Come to my Garden” by Minnie Riperton and I wanted to play it for all of my friends, but then I realized how difficult that would be. We would have to leave the park and then cram all of my friends into my 300 sqft apartment…which wasn’t happening. The day after that I thought up the idea for RokBlok, a record player that you can take anywhere. I’d love to answer any questions you may have about it! Logan
@loganknowitall well done! Fantastic design & functionality.
I am once again impressed by you Logan. You have a rare way of seeing the world the way you want it, then making the world the way you see it. Your latest invention is elegant, functional and lean.
@dmgrossblatt RokBlok could not have happened without a great community #DavesDojo
@dmgrossblatt Just have to say: wholeheartedly, and damn well said
@loganknowitall This is so cool, congrats on getting this live! I instantly backed the KickStarter when I saw you launched it yesterday. As an engineer myself, one of my favorite things is how you made it zip around the record like that. Want to share with PH how you made that work?
@staringispolite Thanks for the love! Getting it to stay on the record was one major hurdle. The needle is attached to a pivoting wheel. As the motor pushes the player, the needle actually turns the wheel so the player spins in the right direction, without putting addition stress on the record's groove. Thanks again!!
A cool, bluetooth enabled speaker that is a complete rework of how vinyl lovers will listen to their music. Made by Logan Riley of Pink Donut, their Kickstarter just launched. Listen to vinyl anywhere now with Rokblok.
@chaserson Thanks the hunt Chase!
Very interesting! What was your inspiration behind this?
@maxwell_nelson @fahim305 I was just here to say how this reminded me of the VW van version. 🚐🎶
@jkdncn @maxwell_nelson @fahim305 Funny enough I thought I had invented something entirely new and unique when I began. When I started on my prototype for RokBlok (then called ‘Orbit’) there were all sorts of things wrong with it. I showed a friend of mine what I was working on and he said “Oh yeah…that’s just like the soundwagon”…I didn't believe that something like this had been made before, so he pulled up a video just like this one. I was so upset to learn that someone had the same idea I had…25 years before I was born! After getting over myself, I actually found one of these vw soundwagons on ebay, for like $200. It didn’t work, but I broke it apart and ended up learning why my original prototype had so many issues…and also why the soundwagon had so many issues. So RokBlok was made as a combination of what I learned from my original prototype and what I learned from the soundwagon. To address the horrible sound from both, I implemented bluetooth to solve for the doppler effect as it rides around. To solve for the destruction of vinyl when in use, (they used to call the soundwagon ‘Vinyl Killers’), I developed a way to keep the needle from tearing up your favorite records. Definitely safe to say RokBlok would have never worked if I didn’t learn about the soundwagon!
@fahim305 Thanks Fahim! Honestly I love vinyl. My love of physical records and my desire to share my favorite records with my friends was the biggest reason I built RokBlok.
@fahim305 …also, maybe I was trying to impress a hipster girl? :)