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Thanks for posting and hello everyone! So excited to have our Roger App now available to download worldwide. Roger helps you get and share contact details with new people you meet, for example at events, meetups, exhibitions. It's an ice-breaking experience, making you a better networker and saving your meeting moments with extra context info (such as date, location with map, audio notes, picture). Also, Roger seamlessly sends automatic follow-up emails, with a recap of the meeting info and your contact details. You can also search by context, browsing your new Roger contacts by name, location, time. Call, text and mail in one tap. Or, if you prefer, export them to your native Address Book. Instead of leaving your meetings with tons of business cards, without being able to put a name with a face or without remembering when where and why you met that person, try Roger and boost your networking. Your phone is all you need. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Looking forward to an Android version. :)
It's cool. There has to be a better way.
@basche42 Thanks for your feedback Ben. What are the key points you would focus on to benefit of a better networking experience?
This reminds me of Evernote Hello. Nice work on building and launching something!
@thinker Thank you Nick! Are you still using Hello? What's the feature that caught you in or the missing piece that let you down?
@thinker I was going to say this reminds me of the recently released, Intro by / @tonysphere.
@thinker @tonysphere @rrhoover Good point. Roger is indeed among the Apps that are currently exploring the contacts/address book/business cards space, such as the very good Intro. Another great example is Humin. Also, the recent Intro (same name) and Triggerfox, just to name a few. Maybe a chance to create a Collection :)