RockingPage is a free tool that finds the most trending websites all over the internet based on popularity (Alexa Rank), social reach (Facebook Shares) and Authority (referring domains).

Select from 3 segments: Big players, Rising stars, Newcomers and from 3 timeframes: daily, weekly, monthly.

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12 Reviews5.0/5

Never though some of the websites I found are that popular right now :)


quite useful free tool, very simple, nice design


could have categories of the websites

Agreed, sir.
Like it. Selecting by country would be great.
@herrnahlers Thank you for the feedback. We really consider adding this kind of functionality.
Nice work you guys. Is the ranking factor based on Alexa's score?
@saijogeorge Hey George, yes, we take into account all visible metrics including Alexa's score to evaluate the "trendiness" of a website.
Thanks for hunting @martintoma @peterhrbacik @maroskortis @frantisekvrab this is pretty cool, it's interesting to see where the websites come from, any plans to let people narrow the ranking by region?
@abadesi Thanks Abadesi, we are open to any suggestions. We'll see what features we'll implement in the future based on feedback
I'm sure this was considered but the logo looks similar to Launchrock and shares the word "rock".
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, thanks for pointing it out. To be honest, we hadn't noticed this. Both tools have very different purposes so I believe people won't be confused.
@frantisekvrab no sweat! It was the first thought that came to my mind but I might be alone on that.
@frantisekvrab @rrhoover Great product! However, I second Ryan, I found the name and logo confusing. At first I thought it was an update or extension of Launchrock.