100% human-grade ingredients from certified sustainable and responsible farms and gently air-dry them under 30 °F / 86 °F in organic 100% green energy powered manufacturing.

We calibrate recipes so that digestible carbs would be eliminated to minimum.

And yes, we do add extra healthy super-fats and super-foods.

seriously??? :D I don't to troll, but come on...
@stanislav_dim Seriously. Why come on? This is the most natural way of wild wolves had there food. And it helped my dog switch from steroids only to nutrition changes and survive. We have 4 dogs and all of them now are on keto diet. And they are most healthy than ever. But just imagine to prepare keto food for 4 dogs (2 of them are German shepherds lookalike from shelters). So we started manufacture on our own and more people started to ask to sell to them. So why not? ;)
@matacius Hope you product is accepted well and prosper. Good luck!
Lol, make sure that Pug eats like all the wild pugs eat. I am actually all for natural dog food, but I find it interesting when dogs like Pugs are compared to wolves. It is about as close of a relationship as humans have to Gorillas. Yes sure the connection is theoretically there if you draw back long enough, but for all practical purposes they are different animals. With that being said, I love to see innovation in the dog food space. I am careful about the food I feed my Labrador, focusing on high protein grain-free food. My vet is blown away by how healthy he is, and that he maintains such a lean profile for a Lab. Of course I know that the largest factor of that is his diet. Of course he is a hunting dog and lives a very active lifestyle too, so that helps. I think its an interesting product. I have a few questions that I didn't see answered on the site. 1) What is the shelf life of this product? The can makes it feel like a long shelf life, but then again, that looks like extremely raw meat in the can (hasn't even oxidized yet). So my guess is that this isn't some traditional canning process (which involves lots of heat) and so it may not be as effective as other canning methods in terms of shelf life. 2) Is the goal to actually put your dog into ketosis or is the keto terminology just a marketing angle? Truthfully I love the idea of natural food, but would be a little concerned about actually putting my dog into ketosis. There are risks with keto dieting in humans and so you must be careful while dieting to make sure you eat lots of water for example so you don't wreck your kidneys, among other things. I would be concerned about worrying about these things for my dog. He doesn't know he is on a diet and that he needs to be careful of certain things and can not give you feedback. Also Keto is great for weight loss, but as a long term lifestyle diet it isn't that good. A lot of athletes don't like it either. If the goal isn't to get my dog to lose weight, im not sure why i would put them into ketosis. 3) What is the price point? It does not give a price on the website for this, however it does say that it is cheaper than traditional dog food. I am sorry but you can't say that without providing any evidence on how you are making this comparison. I find it very implausible that you can offer this for less than traditional dog food. Traditional dry dog food comes in at about 50¢ a meal ($30 /mo). High end dry dog food comes in at maybe $1 per meal ($60 a month) and maybe a bit higher for some of the super premiums that are out there. You on the other hand are offering raw grass fed meat and CBD oil and coconut, and taro and all sorts of other extremely premium ingredients and will some how be less than this price? I just have a hard time believing that at all. Would be curious to hear more about that. The website is very creative but I have to offer some constructive criticism, that it is very overwhelming and busy. I found it to have a lot of text and hard to follow the flow. So maybe these questions were mentioned on the site, but I couldn't find it. While I am slightly skeptic, I am actually your target market (I already seek out premium dog food and believe in quality protein based/ grain free dog food alternatives). So I think that if i have these questions, other people in your target market will probably share some of my opinions and I want to be honest with you.
@_jacurtis Thank you for such long question(s). And yes, you are 100% correct, that you are our potential market. But let me answer all questions step by step. 1. PUG on the photos is one of 4 dogs we have in our pack. And yes, he's is the least similar to wolf :) However, I took him from breeder the last one that nobody wanted to take him. That was 10 years ago. I was different person. However, when he got sick more that year ago, vet prescribed with strong steroid drugs and he stopped walking. So that was a break point, where we decided to start looking for answers on our own. And that is why he is on the promo - just as a symbol of our change. And I agree, that he does not represent the wolf tribe, but he represents human mistakes (as this breed was "made" just because of human stupidity). 2. We are planning to launch Kickstarter in 2-3 weeks. That is why not much info on the landing page. I suggest you to leave you email on page and you will get much more information about how and what we are making. 3. About ketosis. To put dog in ketosis is much harder that to do the same with humans. As dogs (wolves) are adopted to starve, and they digestive system is different, and to put dog in ketosis is recommended in severe health condition. Keto Pet Sanctuary ( does lots of fascinating discoveries about keto diet application on dogs. 4. Our food called keto food because of very high fat and protein ratio (2:1). And, yes, this name works as marketing tool, as it would not work and we would not have this discussion now ;) 5. We do have developed technique how to keep food raw and in tine for quit long time. However, we will offer delivery every month and only direct - no retail, no distribution. We have to know our dogs and always adopt a bit recopies. 6. The price will vary depending on a dog weigh, age and activity. But we made 100 companies research on pricing and we are cheaper meal per day for many reasons (about all of them we will talk on our campaign). But we will not be cheaper than kibble. Because this is not natural way of feeding any mammal, and this is very long long topic how kibble is made in general (again, we are talking about that with our registered users). 7. I am really exited that with so little marketing yet, people are responding. This is really important - open more and more eyes of dog owners and talk about how industry is crocked. 8. As I personally work with nutrition / performance, to our dog food we apply the main concept of any mammal's longevity - that is cell multiplication potential. In order to have that, one has to secure 3 main things: #1. NUTRITION #2 TOXIN ELIMINATION #3 VOLTAGE. In our food we concentrate on best nutrition in natural form (that is we will not use any vitamins or supplements not in their artificial form) and 100% elimination of toxins. Voltage - is exercise that has to go always along other 2. And this is what we encourage dog owners to do. And not 20 minutes per day. 7 miles per day more likely ;) Once again, thank you for such interest. I really wait for you to register on our waiting list and then we can continue discussion how we could improve our product. Will look forward ...