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The best alternatives to ROCKETO are mypawp, Macropedia, and ShaggySwag. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to ROCKETO
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  • Pawp makes pet parenting simple. Pawp's e-commerce shop offers food, toys, medicine, and supplies for your dog or cat. Pawp also allows you to book pet services, like a groomer or vet, in one click.

  • Macropedia is the macro calculator designed specifically for the ketogenic diet. Search a large database of over 8,000 foods in 25 food groups. Compare and sort foods from most to least ketogenic. Calculate the...

  • ShaggySwag is a monthly delivery specifically for city dogs, so you never run out of the essentials like poop bags, but includes high quality toys and other unique items inspired by New York City.

  • Sundays – healthier than kibble, but just as easy. Sundays unique air-drying method gently dehydrates food low and slow to preserve nutrients and flavor. It's the best of raw and home-cooked. There's no fr...

  • The first wholly nutritious dog food that helps restore balance in our waterways. Chippin’s Silver Carp Dog Food is crafted from an overpopulated yet untapped superfood: silver carp. It’s a digestible, clean, o...

  • Wild Earth is a Berkeley, CA pet food biotech backed by Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban. Our first product is a high protein, high fiber dog food that uses zero meat. We're on a mission to remove animals from the fo...