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Hola Product Hunt! RocketClub allows anyone to get a real stake in the products they use and love. Sounds crazy? Yes, we think so too, but it ain’t stopping us from trying.. We built RocketClub because we wanted to help early-stage companies get traction. Most of us on PH probably know this well, getting traction is TOUGH. The idea came from wanting this solution for ourselves -a way to incentivize our own network, community, and early-adopters to become invested in the success of the product. The media makes us believe new products are launched and become overnight successes, whereas in reality, all products come out crawling and need the nurturing of early supporters. It's only right that early believers have a real stake (stock appreciate rights) and are compensated for their time and efforts. We’re just at the beginning of a long mission. RocketClub also needs your help. Find out more and get a stake in RocketClub here :)
[EDIT] Thank you everyone for the awesome support. We just made top of the list today (don't care if we don't stay there.) For us, it really is about helping other companies. We hope we can make good on that goal.
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@rocketclubco congrats Erik! Glad to see this at the top :)
@rocketclubco great concept Erik. How do you choose which startups to feature?
@mossibat Thanks Mohsen! We don't have any crazy process since its mostly just a conversation between @chenny408 and I. We mainly make sure there is a committed team and an interesting product. Email me directly if you are considering, we love talking to new startups
Thanks @eriktorenberg! Mad love to @producthunt
@rocketclubco Damn! This is so good idea! Good luck folks!
Help the startups you love and earn a piece of them: this idea is awesome!
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@dvblnkk Thanks Dave! Glad you like it
@rocketclubco how does this work in practice.
@blendahtom @dvblnkk You sign up for companies you believe in, and help them by adopting their product, giving feedback, and referring friends. If you complete the tasks (as a way to prove you are really an adopter), you earn stock appreciation rights to the company.
It's not about us.. let me introduce @dvillarrealm of Banter! His app gives you the low-down on the hottest bars in town. Real-time photos and info so you can make every night out the type of night you want it to be:
@rocketclubco Erik and Paul have done an amazing job with the RocketClub platform and we're really glad to be featured on the site. As we start building our community of nightlife-lovers, we knew the best way to grow was recruiting ambassadors to help us grow Banter in their communities... RocketClub is making that possible. If anyone here likes to go out to bars, restaurants or clubs, check out Banter! It shows you real-time information about the local nightlife scene the same way Waze shows you information about traffic. And please send us any feedback.
@rocketclubco Oh, and here's the correct link to our campaign ;)
@dvillarrealm is the real deal. I was sold the first day we met, 'Waze for Nightlife' just sounds inevitable. Who wouldn't want that when they hit the town? I surely hope they build that community of ambassadors, its for all of us.
It’s not about us.. let me introduce @lauralynnz and @claudeb_mit of Noble Brewer. They curate award winning homebrew beers and drop them at your door. Don’t think I need to say more :)
@lauralynnz and @claudeb_mit -- I tried a sip of the Yerba Buena Cascadian Dark Ale the other week, it was delicious -- strong and hoppy, with a hint of s'mores. When does Batch #2 ship?
@gerrithall I'm totally waiting for my first batch
@gerrithall @rocketclubco We're shipping batch 2 now so everyone who signs up via RocketClub will receive get to try it including one beer from a 5 Time California Homebrewer of the year with multiple 1st places at the largest beer competition in the world.
@claudeb_mit Oh snap! Thats exactly what I'm talking about! Beer from a "5 Time California Homebrewer"
@rocketclubco For people wondering why we're here... Since we're building a community of craft beer lovers who want to support talented homebrewers and try their tasty creations, RocketClub made perfect sense to us to allow our earliest members to share in our success. Why wait to crowdfund equity like BrewDog or do other community based ownership plans when the largest upside for our members is now and it's when we need their feedback and support the most. It's the ultimate win-win!
I'm a huge supporter of both Erik and Paul. They are both amazingly talented and there is no doubt in my mind they can pull this off. If I were starting Wahooly again today, I would structure it exactly like they've done it. Congrats on the launch, guys!
@danerobert Thanks for the support and vote of confidence!
@danerobert We look up to you man! Wahooly paved the path for us. A million thanks!