AI Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Go beyond the basics with the RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Perfect for everyone who’s active, this smart wearable does so much more than count your steps. RocketBody uses advanced algorithms that utilize EKG monitoring to track your metabolic rate and recovery phase. With this information, the device designs your workouts and nutrition plan. In addition, it also measures HR and HRV, sleep quality, and stress level. With all of this, the device syncs with the app to define your Supercompensation. This is the result of an algorithm that determines when it’s the best time to train. In addition to all of this, RocketBody provides you with daily health tips, goal guidance, and real-time coaching. Using the power of AI and data analytics, the coaching is totally personalized so you can get the most out of every workout. And, this all happens in real-time so you can adjust instantly. Whether you lift, cycle, or run, RocketBody understands your body like no other.

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Aleh Tsikhanau
Aleh Tsikhanau@ethnoza · Product designer & entrepreneur
Great work! Added to Belarusian list!
Darya Tsaryk
Darya Tsaryk@darya_tsaryk · Chewbacca
Brilliant, try it!
Vadim Kheifets
Vadim Kheifets@vadim_kheifets · Marketing, Slon Media
Alexey Kupreev
Alexey Kupreev@alexey_kupreev
Very useful thing, good job!
Ksenia Ulianova
Ksenia Ulianova@ksenia_ulianova
Great idea and really cute stuff! Love RocketBody!