RocketBody 2.0

RocketBody uses ECG to create AI-based workouts for you

We came back with newly implemented features: smart onboarding to make it faster and easier to dive into our app, new branded video tutorials for exercises, personalized workout plans to match your goals, and a simplified and attractive interface.
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12 Reviews5.0/5
Dear friends, today we're running on Product Hunt. This is a new challenge for our team, and we need your help. Last time we did this, we reached the highest mark and became "Product of the Day", and we want to do it again! This can only become a reality with the help of you, our subscribers. We've worked hard to make the best fitness application on earth for you, and we want to hear your feedback in these important moments. Thank you in advance!
Run, Rocketbody, Run!
RocketBody the best :)
Cool product! I would trust my body to RocketBody :)
Will you look at that. Something you can actually use the apple watch for.
@danie_benedict Surely such a thing cannot be done. It is black magic... Beyond science!
@danie_benedict This is what we are talking about :)