Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac πŸš€


Rocket bring Slack-like emojis to your Mac. πŸ™Œ πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

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10 Reviews4.4/5

This is such an easy app for using GIFs and emoji anywhere. I have it set to launch at start-up and it's hidden in my menubar unless I need to add a cool new GIF. Once I figured out the best process for saving GIFs locally to then enter them into the app, I was settled on using Rocket for my everyday GIF sharing and emoji entry tool.


Easy to enter emoji and GIFs anywhere you can enter text without needing a separate "character viewer" or any pop-up.


It took a few attempts to determine a smooth workflow for adding new GIFs and archiving them effectively

My first attempt to use this was in Atom. I tried typing out two separate emojis. In both cases, Rocket replaced the text with whatever was in the clipboard.




Didn't work from the get-go.