Rocket League

Soccer meets driving in this physics-based arena sport

GamesGolden Kitty 2015
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I'm super stoked for this after playing the PS4 for a while. The car handling is great, modifications are ridiculous and the overall art direction is pretty rad. The game seems simple at first, but once you really get into it you'll need to use your cars momentum in certain ways and pull off some amazing moves.
This game looks awesome. I was sad I wasn't able to get on the beta, but am excited to see that it's releasing today! Definitely going to pick up a copy :)
The beta took over my life. I have been counting down the minutes until this game. I am losing my mind, I can't play it yet! PSN is down, :( If anyone is interested in playing with another ProductHunter, add me on psn as iamunr.
The only disappointing thing is that there's no Mac support. :(
This game is ridiculously addicting to play! Very well done! Tons of replay value!