Rock The Goat

Balance, laugh and cry with Barry the Goat

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I'm a fan of goats in games so I'm sold. Love the costumes too!
@jakecrump Thanks Jake! We put a lot of time into Barry's outfits (and names); we're keen to add more down the line when we update the game.
@harrylynnevans @jakecrump That's awesome! Yeah the names are great too. I especially like Barrasaurus! What's the highest score you've seen someone get? The best I've been able to get is 12. Probably pretty low comparatively ha!
@jakecrump Glad you like him! 12 isn't bad for new player; the best score we've seen so far is 120, so you and Barry might need to spend a little more quality time together ;)
@harrylynnevans @jakecrump Oh wow! Yeah, I've got my work cut out for me! Barry and I will definitely need to become better friends ha