Robinhood Snacks brings you digestible and easy to understand financial news you’ll enjoy. We’ll break down some of the trends and top stories shaping markets to help keep you informed about the news that affects your finances, decisions, and lives.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Snacks looks like a strong competitor to Finimize which has focused on serving a similar demographic with financial and investment news/guidance. This is Robinhood's first acquisition (with likely many more to come). New game: Who will Robinhood acquire next?
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Erwin James Will
Software Engineer
@rrhoover I think Truebill or a similar service will be next
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Jake Mor
Code, Design & Marketing
@rrhoover speaking of news — what's going on with Sip?
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Nishil ParekhCPO & Co-Founder @ Fountain
Robinhood landing page: The 3-minute daily newsletter with fresh takes on the financial news you need to start your day Finimize Landing page: Start with one email a day. Today's top financial news in 3 minutes. For free. Podcast options from Robinhood looks like a good move though.
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Cloud @accenture, ex @deloitte
@rrhoover Think more like Morning Brew 🤔
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Evan J. ZimmermanEntrepreneur, VC, writer
Literally upvoted for the name.
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CJ EzinneFounder, The Crypt (
I got the first edition. Not bad at all! Looks like we have some competition for the finance news section of your Inbox!
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Dan Dan
Web Dev.
I would downvote this if I could, just because I have an account with you it doesn't mean I want to be automatically included in your email blast. Got the e-mail today, didn't request it, no unsubscribe button.
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This product was very useful for me.


I really liked it, a great product! very useful! good luck friend! 👍😀


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